Taping techniques to help you after an ankle sprain

August 10, 2016
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August 10, 2016
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August 22, 2016

Taping techniques to help you after an ankle sprain

Ankle sprain and injuries are very common in sport or can occur with a sudden rolling or twisting of the ankle.

Treating and rehabilitating your foot after an ankle sprain is incredibly important.

However, so many people only seek help from a medical professional months after the injury, and it’s usually because they’ve injured themselves again on an already weakened structure, causing further damage.

Ankle instability or weakness can lead to chronic sprains and tearing of ligaments and tendons and lead to other injuries.

By using ankle taping techniques along with strength rehabilitation, you can protect and support your ankle without compromising performance and range of movement or reducing blood flow.

Benefits of Ankle TapingĀ  Ankle Sprain Taping techniques

Using ankle taping techniques correctly can:

  • Allow early return to activity or sport following injury
  • Aid healing of ankle injuries
  • Injury aggravation is reduced
  • Preventing ankle injuries during sport and activities

Golden tips for successful application of tape

  1. Apply tape to clean dry skin.
  2. Make sure your skin is free from cream and lotions as this will stop the tape sticking to your skin.
  3. If you are applying tape to an area with a lot of hair, shave the area to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort when removing the tape.
  4. Round the sharp edges of your tape to prevent the edges lifting off your skin.

How to tape for ankle pain and instability following an ankle sprain

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Check out this video on how you can quickly and easily tape your ankle using ROCKTAPE to prevent further injuries following an ankle sprain.

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